Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fabric Shopping Trip

A few weeks ago I made my last shopping trip to the Fabric Place in Framingham MA, and it was very sad. The walls and shelves were quite bare. In August, they announced they decided to close at the end of November, which prompted my post "Sad News About Fabric Stores."

One of two final purchases I made was a few yards of what I think is "pleather." The plan was to use it to re-cover my dining room chair seats, which I have wanted to do for probably 14+ years.

I was taken with this fabric because it is machine embroidered in a way similar to a sheepskin coat a friend of mine had in high school in the mid 1970's. I loved her coat (actually, I lusted after her coat!), and seeing this fabric, I had to have it. Here is a picture of a similar coat, but my friend's coat was a maxi-coat, which was the rage back then.

The top photo is the front side, which is nice, but I am also especially fond of the back side, shown below. Besides the embroidery, the back is sort of felt-like.

Below is a front detail, and below that, the back

After some discussion at home, the jury is still out on whether I'll end up re-covering the chair seats, but if not, I will find a good use of this fabric. And, I will always think of the Fabric Place, and my friend's coat, when I see it.

Fabric Place, like thousands of other sewers, I will miss you.

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