Saturday, September 6, 2008

One Piece of Fabric - Really!

Why Not?! opened at the Housatonic Museum of Art, in Bridgeport, CT, on Thursday night. My piece, Orange Construction Fence Series #49 is on exhibit there. (detail above)

A friend of mine went to the Opening. She said that there were over a hundred people at the Opening, and it was a very nice event. I'm sorry that I was not there.

At the Opening, she noticed there were a few women hanging out, looking at my piece, when she walked by it. Actually, they were touching it, and flipping the corners over to look a the back! Tisk tisk! That's not good. No touching please.

Anyway, she overheard them remarking about all of the little pieces of fabric I had stitched together to make it. She couldn't resist, and told them we were friends, and she KNEW for a fact that it's one piece of fabric. She said there was a conversation back and forth between these women and her, about how they could see what a good job I did stitching the pieces together. One even told my friend that she was a seamstress, and she could see the seams. (Not!) They were not going to believe my friend's report that everything is printed and painted, on one piece of fabric.

Borrowing from Bill Clinton's phrase, "it's the economy, stupid," "it's the printing and painting" (leaving off the stupid part, because there's no need to be rude.) It's not about the pieces, because there is only one piece.

Ladies, if you're reading my blog, please believe me (and my friend). My work is created by monoprinting, handpainting, and handstamping paint on ONE piece of fabric. Really! Feel free to my email me at I'd love to discuss.