Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Collection

Yesterday, I went to the Vintage Fashion and Textiles Show & Sale in Sturbridge MA, for the second time this year. I went to see if I could find some good fabrics, lace or trims to use in my art work, and also to look at vintage eyeglasses.

I went to the May show, and posted about it on May 13, 2008.

I saw a lot of wonderful things, but what caught my eye this time were two antique toy sewing machines. The last thing I need, or have space for, is another collection, but these were very inexpensive and hard to resist, so I bought what is shown in the picture above and below.

I have no idea how many makes an official collection. I already had this funny looking "Hemmer & Stitcher," so now that I have three sewing items, I think it's gotta be a collection.

I didn't know until I got home, that there's an actual market for these small sewing machines. If you go to ebay.com, and search "antique toy sewing machine" or "toy sewing machine", you'll see there are many to choose from, and the prices can be quite high, depending on the condition of the machine.

The "Hemmer & Stitcher" was only listed for a starting price of $3.99 on ebay, so I assume they're not as popular.

The 2009 Vintage Fashion and Textiles Show & Sale dates are May 11, July 13, and September 7. I'm going to try to go again, if I can.

Women, please note, if you have a husband or male friend who likes vintage clothing, they will also enjoy this show. I know this from experience.