Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gallery Changes in Boston

Rarely is an article about art or art galleries found on the front page of the Boston Globe, but there was one today. "Redrawing the map of Hub galleries, New economic scene brings moves, closings," by Cate McQuaid, discusses changes happening with 14 of Boston's art galleries. The economy, rent, changes in gallery owners' lives, and the internet are a few of the reasons for the changes.

Maverick Arts Magazine's "Shakeup of Boston Galleries - Leases Expires on Newbury Street and South End," by Charles Giuliano on June 16, 2008, is another article worth reading.

The Arts are very much alive in Massachusetts, as judged by the National Endowment for the Arts' New 
Artists In The Workforce Study, but public funding is low for the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Artist Fellowships, and for Public Art in Massachusetts. The gallery changes are yet another bump that artists must deal with.