Thursday, June 5, 2008

Annual Rejection

I hate to complain, and try my best not to, but I'm going to right now, and then forget about it for another year.

I got my annual (pre-birthday) Massachusetts Cultural Council's Artist Fellowships rejection letter on Tuesday. The deadline was in December 2007, and I applied in Drawing/Printmaking/Artists Book, and also in Painting. This year I'll apply in the Crafts category, like I did two years ago. Like clockwork, I get my rejection every June. Oh well.

I don't take rejections personally. The problem is there's a lot of competition, and not enough funding, for artists "Fellowships" (grants) in Massachusetts, unlike some other states.

For this grant cycle, there were 386 applications in Drawing/Printmaking/Artists Books. Five artists received $7500 grants, and 3 were finalists ($1000 I think). In the Painting category, there were 527 applications. Nine artists received $7500 grants, and 4 were finalists. My congratulations to all of the "Fellows" who received grants, and to the finalists also.

This isn't the only poorly funded art opportunity in Massachuttes. Last Friday I posted about public art, in and around Boston. Maybe some day, the state of Massachusetts will increase the MCC's funding so more artists can benefit from this valuable program. And hopefully public art funding will be increased too.

I'm now finished complaining, until June 2009, when I assume I'll spend five minutes complaining again. Now I'll get back to work making art. Thanks for "listening."