Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New England Quilt Museum Lecture and Book Signing

I'm going to give a lecture about how I monoprint on fabric, at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell MA, this Saturday May 3rd, from 1-3pm. After the lecture, there will also be a book signing.

I'm going to show (actual) slides of my work. (I am behind in that part of the technology, but more about that in a future post.) At the lecture, I will share my progress and inspiration in working with whole cloth, and discuss monoprinting on fabric and the creation of many pieces (but not all) from my series Orange Construction Fence #1 to #59. I will talk a little about how making a quilt a week influenced my larger work, and how my larger work influenced my smaller work.

I do have three pieces hanging in the "The Whole Story: Whole Cloth Quilts by Hand and Machine" show which is currently on exhibit at the Museum, but I will bring additional work to share as well.

After the lecture, I will be signing The Uncommon Quilter, for anyone who brings their copy, or would like to purchase one from the Museum.

I look forward to both the lecture and the signing, and sharing with everyone who attends.