Saturday, January 19, 2008

How to Draw a Bunny

"How to Draw a Bunny" is a documentary movie about the artist Ray Johnson, who died in 1995. Johnson was mainly a collage artist, and he knew many important artists of our time, but none of them really "knew" him until after his death. After his death, there was the opportunity to see inside his studio, and to see all of this work and how he lived. The movie has interviews with many artists, including Roy Lichtenstein, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Chuck Close, and also has footage of Johnson himself.

I found a few things mentioned about Johnson in the movie quite interesting and/or amusing. Johnson was a master of sorts in working in series. He repeated many of his ideas over and over, and it was easy to see his dedication as an artist. Johnson was probably one of the first mail-artists. He frequently mailed art to his friends and acquaintances. One story I really enjoyed was when Johnson wanted to sell a piece of his art to someone for $2000. The buyer could only afford $1500, so Johnson cut a quarter of the piece off, and he actually sold 3/4 of it.

"How to Draw a Bunny" offers a glimpse inside a truly creative person.