Saturday, January 12, 2008

Construction Fence Series #58 in progress

I'm finishing up on my first two pieces in 2008 (which I actually started in July 2007), Construction Fence Series #57 and Construction Fence Series #58. Because it didn't look quite right. I wanted to look at the top part of #58 in a different format, to see if I wanted to add any more of the tiny blue squares. I took a picture of the area in question (above), and loaded it in Photoshop. Then I copied and pasted a few more sections of the squares to the top right of center, to see how I might want to proceed.

Above I added one more section of the squares, and below two sections. I decided to do the one above, though I am having an art friend critique my work today, and depending on her suggestions, things could change.

It's really nice to be able to try an idea out in Photoshop like that. It helps reduce the chances of ruining it, especially when I'm almost finished.

Depending on the critique comments, I'm just about finished with #57 and #58. After I get them photographed, I'll post them here on my blog, and on my website.