Sunday, May 13, 2007

Drop Cloth in Progress - continued

I am definitely outside of my comfort zone working on this piece right now. I thought that painting the ginger color inside the stitching, over the very faint image of the construction fence grid, would be an improvement. Well it did make the grid obvious, but I don't like the color. Ugh. Seeing that I don't think I can ruin this piece any more than I have, I'm going to stitch the grid, probably with grey threads, to tone it down. Hopefully that will add more texture, and will tie the whole thing together. So much for using Photoshop to try planning ahead. It didn't help this time.

The left image is the whole piece so far, and the right a close-up. One thing I did decide to do is turn the whole thing upside down from the way it was. That actually is better.