Sunday, April 22, 2007

Printing/Painting on Fabric

I decided I should try doing more painting on the piece of fabric that I posted on April 17th. I painted pearl white metallic fabric paint over the brownish ovals, keeping about 1/4" from the outer edges. I tried washing it to see if the metallic paint would get less shiny. The reflective quality did reduce somewhat afterward. Though washed, it's still not easy to photograph because the metallic paint reflects a lot of light (though less than it did before being washed). The actual fabric does not look as shiny as the photo does. Here is a detail of the fabric that is more helpful.

I've used this paint many times and it works out well, though I never tried washing it before. I think I'll try to wash other pieces in the future if possible. In the past I've used a pearl white metallic fabric paint by Deka, but they went out of business probably ten years ago. The Deka isn't as metallic and is more transparent. I prefer that, but I only have a tiny bit of it left. Not enough to use on a large piece. Now I am using a pearl white metallic Lumiere fabric paint by Jacquard.