Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Printing/Painting on Fabric

I'm working on two versions of the ICA nearby building inspiration. At this time the painted fabric looks like this:

I spent a few minutes in Photoshop coloring inside the brownish colored ovals, to see if I like it better without so much of that color. I think I like this better, and might actually paint them over keeping a 1/4" or so away from the edge of each oval so I leave some color:

I'll post the second piece of fabric in progress soon, after I have painted it a little more that it is now. There's not much to see yet.

I have to thank my husband for taking the picture of the building near the ICA, because it's much easier to have the photo to refer to. My current cell phone doesn't have a camera, but I hope that will change in a few months.