Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thread Color

As I've mentioned earlier, I have been working on six new pieces. Three will show the front side of the painted/printed fabric (as you would expect), and three will show the back (or "wrong") side of the fabric. I've stitched the three that have the back side of the fabric showing, and I just finished stitching the first of the three pieces that has the front side of the fabric showing. Each one of the three in both sets have (or will have) different thread colors in the stitching.

It's hard to see, but here are a details of the two pieces that are stitched with colored thread. The left side shows the painting on the front side of the fabric, and the right side has the back side of the fabric showing. The colored thread is harder to see on the left side, but it is there. I usually stitch with black thread, so I think it's interesting to see the different visual effect the colored thread has between both pieces.

I'm working on 5th piece now. That one and its companion piece are stitched with black and dark gray thread only. The last two are stitched only with white thread. I'll post the next set of pieces in a day or so, after I've finished stitching the 5th one.