Saturday, December 1, 2018

Update: Dates in a Life Project 2018

In one month, at the end of December, I'll be finishing my Dates in a Life Project 2018

This image shows what it looks like through November 30, 2018. The Dates in a Life Project is a year-long mixed media painting documenting the number of steps I walk each day.

I have a system of symbols that represent each thousand steps. Instead if showing exactly how many I walk each day, I’m rounding up or down. As an example, 1500-2499 steps equals 2000, and 2500-3499 equals 3000 steps.

Black symbols represent less than 10,000 steps walked on a given day.

The symbols in red represent 10,000 or more steps, which I was able to walk on 5 days in November vs. 7 in October and 15 in August. In November it not only rained a lot but the sun was setting around 4:30pm or so, which limited the amount of time I had to walk outside each day. 

It's going to get even more challenging walking outside as winter approaches and the sun sets at around 4pm, and if it snows or is icy, that'll be an added challenge.

Dates in a Life Project 2018 measures 33" x 39" and is created with monoprinted textures of a construction fence, combined with handpainting, stitching, and collaged fabric, on stiffened fabric.

To keep track of steps, I use the Health app on my iPhone. It's not always accurate, but I continue to use it anyway because I don't want to buy a FitBit.

Stay tuned for an update, and a look at the finished piece soon after the end of December.