Saturday, February 11, 2017

Work in Progress: Dates in a Life Project

About a year ago, sometime in February or March 2016, I noticed how time seems to jump ahead itself in terms of buying milk. 

As an example, yesterday was February 11th. The two bottles of milk I bought have an expiration date of February 26th.

I pondered this off and on in 2016, and decided that in 2017 I would do a yearlong art project about it. I decided to create on large piece, instead of 12 small ones.

I monoprinted the texture of a construction fence that had squares on a large piece of fabric. Each "month" or section of squares is laid out in a similar way to a printed calendar. Individual days of each month is being represented by a different shape that is hand stamped with rubber erasers on white fabric and collaged into the squares. The empty squares in each month will have their own shape.

Each time we buy milk, I take a picture of the expiration date. I re-size the image of the date and collage it on top of the date shape on the fabric.

I realize now that I need to find a way to show the date the milk was purchased as it relates to the expiration date.

Never one for clever titles, I discussed it with my husband, and together we came up with the title Dates in a Life Project.

Check back for more updates throughout the year.

February 2017 detail in progress

January 2017 detail in progress