Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Home!

Seasonal Fences - Winter #2, Spring #2, Spring #4, Winter #4, Summer #4, Winter #5, and Autumn #5 have all found a new home thanks to an Art Consultant. They are mixed media on 22" x 10" x 1" cradled board.

These Art Consultants tend to sell much larger work most of the time, but I found out that this size is a perfect scale for corridors. That's helpful for me to know as I make new work!

They also told me they're looking for available large scale colorful works to show to a client. I sent a list of large stiffened fabric pieces, and they asked me to drop nine of them off this week, as well as the last four in the 
Seasonal Fences series that I have available, Winter #3, Spring #3, Summer #3, and Winter #3.

As a FYI, I told them that Seasonal Fences - Spring #3 (shown above) is the original painting that resulted in the print that Crate & Barrel licensed, and is selling here. Thanks to Crate & Barrel, the print has been on Property Brothers, and possibly The Good Wife. It would be nice to find that painting a new home, as well as other work too.