Sunday, October 4, 2015

Parachet (Curtain) Sketches Proposal

I had the opportunity to submit a proposal to create a Parachet for a synagogue in MA. A Parachet is the curtain used in the Ark where the torahs (scrolls) are kept in the synagogue. 

Here are two of the many sketches I submitted. The proposal was for mixed media on fabric, with a 6' 7.5” wide x 10' tall finished size. 

I spent a lot of time sketching, researching the requirements of the synagogue's call for art, and talking to the design committee, and a seamstress who I would have hired to do the actual sewing after I painted the fabric.

I'm proud that I made it to the final two artists for consideration. Unfortunately (for me), they chose an artist who makes beautiful more traditional Judaic work. My submissions were very abstract.

Even though I did not get this commission, I learned a lot, and I would happily submit elsewhere if given the opportunity to do so in the future.