Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Natick Electrical Box Paint Program

The Public Art Committee, through the Natick Center Cultural District in Natick, MA has chosen two artists to paint three electrical boxes on Natick Common. I was chosen to paint colorful abstract designs on the two electrical boxes at the corner of Routes 135 and 27, weather permitting, through June 15, 2016. 

The design for both Electrical Boxes on Natick Common will be from geometric patterns of construction fences. The box closest to East Central Street will have oval shapes, and the box behind it will have large rounded squares. 

The background colors for both boxes will be light grey on the front, a darker grey on both of the two sides, and a darker gray on the back. 

For the box closer to the street (above), painted over the background colors, will be blue ovals on the top rows, and with green bottom ovals below, to represent grass on the Natick Common and the sky above. There will be small yellow squares in the intersections between the rows and columns of ovals.

The box behind it (above) will have red on the top rows, and the rest of the rounded squares will be purple. Small orange squares will be in the intersections between the rows and columns of ovals.

The other artist chosen is Jason Cheesman-Meyer. He will paint one box on the the South Main Street side of Natick Common.

The Christ Lutheran Church awarded the "Amazing Natick" grant, which funded this first installment of exhibitions. Thank you!