Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Work: Tiled Fence Photos Series 6-10

Tiled Fence Photos #6

After creating and selling Tiled Fence Photos 1 - 5 earlier this year, and selling all five of them at Fountain Street Fine Art, in Framingham, MA, I've created five new pieces in this series, Tiled Fence Photos 6 - 10. I'm also making plans to make at least two more in this series.

Tiled Fence Photos #7

The tree wrapped with fencing (above and below) was a happy surprise I saw when driving on Rt 117 in Weston, MA this past spring. I luckily was able to get pictures of the tree with and without leaves, before the fencing was removed.

Tiled Fence Photos #8

Tiled Fence Photos #9

The picture above shows a construction fence that was decorated with greenery and a bow at Christmas, in Boston, a few years ago. It was so strange that I had to take a picture.

Tiled Fence Photos #10

Above is a picture of construction fencing along with a chain link fence, that was taken by a friend in Tokyo, Japan.

The Tiled Fence Photos Series is created with acrylic "skins" created from photos of orange construction fences out in their various elements. They are collaged on monoprinted textures of construction fences on fabric that is stitched, painted, and mounted on 8" x 8" x 1.5" cradled board.