Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On Exhibit: Fence Holes Bandage 2.0

Fence Holes Bandage 2.0 is on exhibit in Art in the Park, at Elm Park in Worcester, MA
 from July 27 - October 13, 2013.
It’s mixed media on stiffened fabric, and it measures 22" high x 54"+ around the tree. More specifically, the piece is made of hand painted, scalloped rows and "holes" of monoprinted textures of construction fencing, on cotton fabric that is stiffened and water resistant.

I’d like to thank the AIPW staff and volunteers, the Worcester DPW (or was it the Parks Department?) and the three work release prisoners and their supervising sheriff, for their help. I’d also like to thank Mother Nature for waiting to start the torrential downpour until after my work was installed and photographed. Installing under wet conditions is more difficult than dry, but if it was raining, it would have been miserable.