Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Six Art Shirts

I had a lot of fun making six sleeveless cotton blouses for summer this past week. Three of the blouses are made out of drop cloths that caught the fabric paint that soaked through different pieces of art I've created over the years, and three of the shirts have my signature construction fences monoprinted on them.

Above is the front of one drop cloth blouse, and below the back. I love how asymmetrical they are, and how colorful!

Drop cloth blouse. Above is the front, and below the back.

Another drop cloth blouse. Above is the front, and below the back.

Part drop cloth, part monoprinted construction fence holes blouse, front and back.

Signature monoprinted construction fence blouse front. Note the polka dot outside zipper on the back below.

This is the first blouse I made, a cotton sleeveless blouse with a peplum, which I monoprinted after it was fully sewn. A little scary doing it that way, but it worked out great I think.

More details about this project will be available in the fall issue of a craft magazine who invited me to write an article about it. I'll post the info when the magazine comes out, so you can pick up a copy if you're interested in knowing more.