Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Work

I've got the first piece finished, in what I hope will be a series of eight, entitled Fractured Fence Repaired. The piece above is Fractured Fence Repaired #1.

I forgot to measure it before I left my studio yesterday, but I'm going to guess that it's about 48" high and 36" wide or so. I'll try to remember to measure it when I go my studio today.

Below are many of the steps in fracturing it, from first to last.

Below if the back side of the finished piece, which is nice on its own. I could add the gold where the fractures are reconnected, so it could then be hung forward or backward, or away from a wall so one could walk around it.

Fractured Fence Repaired 2 - 8 are coming soon. The second piece may be finished today. I'll update my website with this work soon.