Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Work - Fences and Nests

I've been having fun creating new "nests" with thread scraps donated by friends and family. Here are two new pieces, Fences and Nests #15 and Fences and Nests #16. A picture of Fences and Nests #14 is coming shortly. Hopefully tomorrow.

Fences and Nests #16 is a little different than the rest of the series in three ways. The thread scraps are threads removed from a garment that was taken apart by a friend, and they're really squiggly. I continued the grid to the top of the surface, instead of having the top part white, and I painted metallic white paint in the ovals to help bring attention to the white threads. which had been disappearing into the background. This piece is better seen in person because it's flattening out in the photo.

All three new pieces measure 10" x 10" x 1.5" and are mixed media on board. You can see all of the Fences and Nests on my website.