Sunday, September 23, 2012

Residency Update - Half Way

I've been at the Millay Colony for a week now, getting a lot of work done.

I finished the (Fence) Shirts and (Hot) Flashes series very late last night. Here are all six in the group. Sometime after I return home I'll take good pictures, and post them here and on my website with an artist's statement.

Late last night I was also working on the Visible Fences series. Shown above is one of the six I'm working on. Each has a different vertical spacing for the change in contrast and texture of the fence pattern, and each has the same base line.

I was going to add a second layer of fencing in orange and yellow, like this piece above, but I stitched the fabric with black thread yesterday and I hate it, and I also am very hesitant about covering up what you see in the picture two above. I admit I'm a little confused about how to proceed, but I'll see how things turn out in my studio today.