Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Residency - Last Day

Today was the last day at my residency at the Millay Colony, and it was also Yom Kippur, so I spent the day reflecting while I painted 30 6" x 6" boards for the Art CSA at Fountain Street Fine Arts

I thought it would be difficult to make 30 pieces all at once, but since I had all day, with no deadline, it was nice switching from one piece to another, working randomly.

This series needs a name. I think might call them Fence Memories from the Millay Colony 2012, since they're created with remainder pieces of fabric from all of the work I've created here. They will be distributed to CSA shareholders on October 18th.

Tomorrow I drive home, resettle, catch up on web design projects, my book, and life in the real world. ASAP I will also take pictures of these pieces, as well as the two other series I created while here.

It's been a wonderful two weeks at the very special place.