Friday, August 17, 2012

Licensed Image

A number of my images of my work are being represented and licensed by a company that specializes in wall décor that services retail, interior design, hospitality and healthcare industries.

A large quantity of the image of The Fence As Lace #2 was purchased by Tuesday Morning. In its actual size, Fence As Lace #2 is 60" x 48". Tuesday Morning purchased reproductions that are 24" x 30" in size, not including the frame.

Today, a friend sent me a note because she saw my work on Tuesday Morning’s website and she thought someone was ripping me off. I really appreciate her concern but this is all legit and good.

One thing that I find very interesting is that all of the pieces being licensed are all either black and white or just about all black and white. As I create my work, most of which is black and white, I always wonder if that would be of interest or a turnoff. I guess so far so good.

Thank you very much to Tuesday Morning.