Friday, July 13, 2012

BCA Then and Now

One day in July or August 1980, at the age of 23, I went to the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) to see Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party with my mother. The show was very popular, and as it traveled all over the country, people were talking about art, art vs craft, feminism, and etc. It obviously left a lasting impression in my mind.

Fast forward to now, and I'm showing Fence/Curtain 2.0, my temporary public art installation at the Boston Center for the Arts.

While I don't have the resume that Judy Chicago has, I am absolutely honored, happy, excited, and grateful to have the opportunity to be showing at the BCA.

I'll enjoy every minute of the Opening Reception tonight, when I can personally introduce Fence/Curtain 2.0, to those in attendance. If you're in Boston at 6pm tonight, please stop by and say hello.

If you aren't able to see it in person, there are pictures on my website.

Fence/Curtain 2.0 is on exhibit at the Boston Center for the Arts until October 15, 2012.