Thursday, May 24, 2012

Make good art!

I love listening to selected commencement addresses. It's quite unusual for an Arts College's to make the news, and I was very happy to hear about one on On Point, a wonderful radio program I listen to on WBUR in Boston.

Neil Gaiman, an award-winning author and graphic novelist spoke at the 134th Commencement of the University of the Arts on May 17, 2012, and told the graduates to 'make good art.'

The University of the Arts is my Alma mater (though when I was there many moons ago, it was called Philadelphia College of Art).

I found what Gaiman said to be very inspirational and I wanted to share it. He gave good advice not only to those graduating from an art college, but also for artists of all types and all ages.

I hope you'll take a few minutes and either read the keynote address or watch the video.