Friday, May 25, 2012

Fence Holes Bandage 1.0 Update

Fence Holes Bandage 1.0 has been installed on the tree in my back yard for just about six months now. This piece is on my flowering pear tree which lost a big limb during our unseasonal October 2011 Nor'easter. I installed it on December 1st because couldn't bear looking at the tree with a huge gash in it, so I made this bandage to cover it up as it heals.
As expected, it's doing very well out in the elements, seeing that I have other outdoor pieces also doing quite well, I wouldn't expect anything less.
I'll keep monitoring it over the summer, and will also take some peeks underneath the bandage to see if I see any new growth.
I have posted a few pictures of Fence Holes Bandage 1.0 and it's surroundings over the past months on my website. I like to document it and will continue to do so in the future.