Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Public Art Project!

I just received word that I am the finalist for this year's public art project at the Boston Center for the Arts (BCA), entitled "Occupy 539."

Occupy 539, which was named after their address, 539 Tremont Street in Boston, MA, (and NOT the Occupy movement) is an opportunity for artists to "engage with the audience through public art projects that explore ways in which people congregate, occupy and linger in public spaces."

The pictures shown here were a part of my proposal, which I'm showing as reference to what I'll be creating. My piece will be made of monoprinted textures of different patterns of construction fencing, on fabric that will be stiffened and water resistant. The piece will be installed outside of the Boston Center for the Arts, in the small park that’s outside of the building, and will reflect the creativity at the BCA.

I visited the site two times to see how people use the space and also to measure. It is my belief that the installation should be placed so it doesn’t keep people from using the space from how they usually do, such as sitting on the wall both inside the fence and also on the street side. Because of that, my proposal called for my installing an approximately 4’ tall x 32’ wide monoprinted fabric construction fence in the lower garden at the left front corner of the garden that is at the same level as the sidewalk. I also proposed to wrap the trunks of the two trees inside the fence, and have extra fabric draping off of the wrapped trees.

The fabric “fence” will provide a decorative barrier to the section of the park that doesn’t seem to have any foot traffic, and the two wrapped trees will coordinate with the fabric “fence” in terms of pattern, color and drape.

I'll find out more specifics in the coming months, and will post updates as I create and install this piece.

My work will be on exhibit on the BCA's Plaza from July through September 2012.

The picture above shows the fence part of the installation only, and the picture below shows the wrapped trees part only.

My first public art project is Fence/Curtain 1.0. It's at the ConstellationCenter, on Kendall Street (which is off of 3rd and Anthenaeum Streets), in Kendall Square, in Cambridge MA through a good part of May 2012.