Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Art Work in Review

I had a very creative and productive year in 2011, with most of the work being created in my studio, and some at a two-week art residency. I experimented with new materials and learned new painting techniques. I took risks (and worked outside of my comfort zone) by creating working that was larger and larger, and I was very happy with the end results.

The Fence As Lace

The twelve piece (and counting) Fence As Lace Series explores the lace-like qualities of construction fences. They are monoprinted, handstamped, handpainted, and stitched fabric that is stiffened to provide a construction fence-like feel when touching it.

Holes are cut out of various areas of the stiffened fabric on many of these pieces, so shadows and pattern can be seen behind it, and can be exhibited right on the wall or a few inches away from it.

Some pieces can be exhibited as installations where viewers can walk around them, and some can be exhibited either on the wall or as an installation. Most of the work in this series was created when I attended an art residency at the Vermont Studio Center in May 2011.

Fence/Curtain 1.0

Fence/Curtain 1.0 is a 35' decorative barrier that gives the illusion of the curtain, valance, different layers of fabric, and the drape of the curtain in the future performance hall. It is installed on the fence surrounding the ConstellationCenter construction site in Cambridge, MA.

It is is made of monoprinted textures of different patterns of construction fencing, and handstamped and hand painted geometric shapes, on cotton fabric that is stiffened and water resistant.

Fence Holes Bandage

During the unseasonal October 2011 Nor'easter, a very large limb broke off of the flowering pear tree in my backyard. Heavy snow on trees that haven't lost their leaves yet isn't a good thing, and even though we "only" got about 6" of snow, it was enough to cause damage. What resulted was a very large hole in the tree, something that will repair itself over time, but is very unsightly to look at. Fence Holes Bandage 1.0 is my solution to making the tree good to look while it heals.

Seasonal Fence Series

The twenty piece Seasonal Fences series are abstractions of different colors of fences in contrast to the landscape during different seasons. There are five pieces in each of the four seasons.

Seasonal Fences - Winter shows the landscape after the snow has fallen around the fence.

Seasonal Fences - Spring shows small Spring flowers that are starting to grow as the grass around it does too.

Seasonal Fences - Summer shows both flowers and hostas as they are growing on a very healthy lawn.

Seasonal Fences - Autumn shows the ground after the plants have died back, and some fallen leaves are still on the ground.

Fall Fence landscape

Fall Fence Landscape is a combination of a monoprinted textures of a garden fence, which was then handpainted inside each rectangle, to show a very colorful fall landscape. This piece consists of six 12" x 12" panels.


Altered Book - The Fence Environment #1, mixed media with stiffened fabric,
book cover 9.25" x 6", book including pages 14" x 10.25"

Art Book - The Fence Environment #2, mixed media with stiffened fabric, 14" x 11.5"

12 x 12 x 12 Series

I created twelve pieces in my 12 x 12 x 12 Series, one for each month for 2011. This is the fifth year I've worked on a monthly piece in a 12" x 12" format, though each year there were some changes to my focus. Each piece created in 2011 was mounted on board, which I have really enjoyed, as well as my working more with a combination of printmaking and painting.

Fence Details

This series is a combination of monoprinted textures of orange construction fences, with painted and hand stamped shapes, on 6" x 6" x .75" cradled board.

Larger pictures and more info about of all of this work is posted on my website. Please visit.