Thursday, October 6, 2011


Good photography is incredibly important in the art world, so I took a friend's advice and hired a professional for my outdoor art installation. Yesterday morning, when the sun came out after having had a few days of heavy rain, I met architectural photographers Stewart Clements and Will Howcroft from Clements and Howcroft on site in Cambridge, MA.

They shot my piece from many angles, both at a distance and close up, and from the front and also the back. Will was on the camera and Stewart on a laptop (shown here under the brown blanket so he could block the sun's reflection from his laptop screen). They coordinated color, contrast, line, and etc between my piece and the buildings nearby. I really liked working with them and I look forward to seeing the images in the next week or so.

When the images are ready, I'll pick the ones I want to use, and then I'll replace the not so great images I took that are on my website with theirs, and I'll also post some here on my blog.

Thanks, and an apology, also go to my dear husband for the brown blanket that he keeps putting in the back of the car, even though I keep complaining about how much room it is taking up. It was put to good use during the photo shoot.