Sunday, August 28, 2011

Outdoor Installations During Irene

My two outdoor installations are doing well so far during what is now Tropical Storm Irene. They have been outside since May 2010 and have "lived" through plenty of rain, a few wind storms, 70" of snow, last week's earthquake and hundreds of sunny days too.

We've had 5" of rain since yesterday afternoon, and many extremely strong gusts of wind. More rain and really really hard winds are expected this afternoon.

The picture above is a corner of the piece in my backyard. It's almost totally covered with the vines from a fall blooming clematis, as you can see in this detail shot. When the wind gets stronger, it's possible the clematis vines will help keep it from blowing over, like it's done a few times in the past, only because the feet of the structure are not that deep underground. The piece in my front yard is never going to blow over because the feet are much deeper underground.

See more about these installations on my website. I'll post more about them shortly after Irene leaves, assuming I have power.