Friday, August 12, 2011

Exploring Art While on Vacation

Where ever I go, I always try to see what's going on in the local art scene. My recent vacation was no different.

I've attended a few First Fridays in Boston, but it does not compare to First Thursdays in Portland, Oregon. I think it's because in Boston, the participating galleries are in SoWa, which is one small area of the city. In Portland, the galleries in the Pearl District are a lot more spread out. That was the good and bad news about it. I loved visiting many galleries but I didn't get to see a majority of them.

I really loved, loved the work of Portland artist Linda Welch at her show "Urban Conversations" at the Nine Gallery (which is inside the Blue Sky Gallery). Her show is open until August 27th. I loved her work so much that we acquired a small piece, Becoming Memory, which is 12 x 12 inches, oil, graphite, collage on paper on panel. We were her first red dot. That says a lot!

We really liked the photographs by Paul D'Amato in his show "We Shall" and also Bill McCullough's in his show "Technicolor Life", both at the Blue Sky Gallery. Both shows are open until open until August 28th.

Next door was the Froelick Gallery. I really loved Michael Schultheis' show "Winds of Menelaus." And, I also really liked the work of Rick Bartow at his show "Coyote's Road" at the same gallery. Both shows are open until open until August 27th

I enjoyed seeing the work of Eva Lake, and also meeting her the Opening of her show at the Augen Gallery, which is open until open until August 27th.. Thanks go to to Joanne Mattera, for her mention of Eva's show on her blog post entitled "If I were in Portland ..."

I stopped by the 23 Sandy Gallery on Sunday to see a book show there, but it was unfortunately closed. Bad timing on my part. I must say that the photographs seen from the window, that are by Jim Kazanjian, were wonderful.

Our hosts own an artisanal distillery called Stone Barn Brandy Works, which we spent some time working in and learning about the art of making brandy and other distilled spirits. That was fun and also very interesting.

As for non-traditional art in non-gallery setting, I enjoyed seeing two the fiber installation pieces as seen in the two photographs see above and below. Artists are not known (by me).

And of course, the most bestest work of art was Mt Hood! I LOVE mountains! Actually I love Oregon! The people, the scenary, the Marionberries, the food trucks, the thousands and thousands of Arts & Crafts style houses, and the (summer) weather.