Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Plants

I'm making acrylic skins of ten photos I took of summer plants in my neighborhood. I'm planning on incorporating them in five new pieces I'm working on, Seasonal Fences - Summer.

They'll be companion pieces to the Seasonal Fences - Winter series and the Seasonal Fences - Spring series. In the Fall, I'll then make the the Seasonal Fences - Autumn series to complete the full collection.

All of the Seasonal Fences series are (and will be) mixed media on cradled board, that measures 22" x 10" x 1".

I resized each flower or hosta photo to 2" x 2", and repeated them 12 times on the page. Then I printed the ten different pages on my color laser printer.

I taped the pages to one of the table tops in my studio, and now I'm coating the top of each page with 10 layers of matt medium.

After the 10 layers of matt medium are completely dry, I'll remove the paper from the back of each page, leaving me with the acrylic skins. Then the fun begins. I'll have ten different images that I can cut into 120 2" x 2" plants, that I can use for Seasonal Fences - Summer.

My only concern is that the flower images look tacky inside the monoprinted printed grid of the construction fence on the boards, but I think the small size of the images should be OK. If they are tacky, I'll have to rethink the whole thing. We shall see soon.

If none of this makes any sense, my apologies. I think some painters will understand.