Friday, July 1, 2011

New Work - Fence As Lace Series Books

I created an art book with the 13 "pages" I had leftover from making the altered book I have been working on. Because both of them needed to be named, and they both have lace-like qualities, I decided to make them a part of The Fence As Lace Series.

The altered book is titled The Fence As Lace #13, and the art book is The Fence As Lace #14.

The Fence As Lace #14
art book - mixed media on stiffened fabric

The Fence As Lace #14 - shown open

The Fence As Lace #13
altered book - mixed media on/with stiffened fabric

I set up a books section on my website that shows the two of them in more detail, and I also added them both to The Fence As Lace section, so they can be viewed in both places.

When I was in art school more than a few years ago, I loved making books, and I don't know why I didn't make any afterward. But, now that I've made two, I suspect I'll make some more in the near future.

One thing I don't know anything about is where to find shows that are specifically for art books. The altered book is already scheduled to be in a show called A Novel Idea at the Hampden Gallery Incubator Project Space at the University of Massachusetts Amherst starting in December. I'll keep my eyes open for opportunities for the other one.