Saturday, June 18, 2011

4 Women Artists With 6 Hours in NYC

Yesterday I went to New York City with three other artists, with the goal of visiting galleries in Chelsea. I did the same thing on December 17, 2010, which you can read about here.

We took the Worldwide Bus, that leaves from the Alewife T station in Cambridge MA, and then the Riverside T station in Newton MA, and then heads directly to NYC. Our round trip cost was $19, thanks to four Groupon tickets I purchased a few months ago.

We were on our way to NYC around 8am and arrived around before noon, and we had until 6pm, for our 7pm reserved trip home.

In New York, the bus dropped us off at 31st and 8th, and we walked down the spectacular new part of the HighLine, from 30th St to 20th St, to the first gallery on our well researched list.

Our list of planned galleries we wanted to visit, included some that had work similar to some of our style/subject matter/media, or galleries we had visited last time, or that had major fine artists on exhibit. We didn't stray from for our planned list too much this time because we knew our time was short and the weather was forecasted to change from pleasant to T-storms in the afternoon.

Highlights for me were:

I LOVED loved loved the work of Susanna Starr at the Elizabeth Harris Gallery (open through July 29th). She hand-cuts mylar, and covers it acrylic paint to make beautiful layered lace-like paintings and sculpture. If you've seen my new Fences As Lace Series, you won't have any doubt why I like her work!

The Kim Foster Gallery was showing the paintings of Dan Hernandez (open through July 9, 2011), which were like sections of frescos with video game imagery. Being the mother of a son who played many video games while growing up, though not violent ones, I really enjoyed this work.

I was really glad to see Robert Greene's show (which closes today, June 18th) at the Robert Miller Gallery.

I was also really glad to see the work of Karen Revis (open through July 1st) at Sears Peyton Gallery, and we asked to see, and were shown, her monoprints in the back room, which were also beautiful.

The Jasper Johns show (through July 1st) at the Matthew Marks Gallery was great!

Louise Bourgeois: The Fabric Works (through June 25th) at Cheim And Read was also great!

Picasso and Marie-Thérèse: L’amour fou at the Gagosian Gallery (through July 15th) was incredible, mainly because the work being shown is from private collections as opposed to a gallery collection, so they're not readily accessible to the public.

I think I'm remembering all of my favorites.

I had a great day, despite the periods of rain, and I really look forward to my next day trip to New York, hopefully before the Alexander McQueen show closes at the Met.