Friday, May 13, 2011

Artist Residency - 5 days

During the five days I've been at my artist residency, I have almost four large wall pieces completed. Three are about 48" x 114", one about 65" x 48", and hopefully there will be a second around the same size.

Today I started working on some installation pieces that are about 48" x 114". These are more playful than the wall pieces, and I'm making them sorta girlie since they will be stiffened fabric versions of plastic construction fences.

While I've been painting, or shall I say decorating the first one, I started to think about names. So far I'm considering "Party Fences" or "Fences for Girls" or "Princess Fences" or ??? I'm accepting suggestions. Please feel free to write to me at, or if you're reading this on facebook, you can comment there.