Thursday, May 19, 2011

Artist Residency -11 days

This evening, at the Vermont Studio Center, we had Open Studios. I really enjoyed visiting everyone's studio and seeing their work. While here, I made 10 new large scale pieces, and I've been working so hard here that I really haven't had the time to see what everyone was creating.

This is what my studio looked like, complete with a table that had cookies for people to munch on, business cards, and also fabric "holes" for anyone who wanted one, or two, or more.

It was a fun night!

Here's the rundown on some of the materials I used over the past 12 days:

16 oz of black fabric paint

2 spools of black thread

14 bobbins, 12 were black thread and 2 white

3/4 of a gallon of matt medium

21 yards of 60" wide white cotton fabric

I only got 1 blister from cutting the hundreds and hundreds of "holes" in my work. I'm going to treat myself to a better pair of scissors as soon as I can. Why small scissors have tiny openings for one's fingers is beyond me.

While I have some new ideas for some different pieces I want to make, I'm going to save them for when I'm back at home.

Tomorrow I'll pack up my supplies and load my car. Then I'll photograph my work hanging in my studio because I want to take advantage of the good light and large white walls. If the weather is as good as today turned out to be, maybe I'll explore the town for a while.