Sunday, March 6, 2011

Outdoor Installations Update

Not to jinx it or anything, but spring is coming. Hopefully we won't get anymore snow, or if we do get some, not much more. The snow that's blanketed my back yard (above) and front yard (below) installations since December 26, 2010, has been slowly melting.

The snow is past pretty. Now it's really dirty, especially near the street, as you can see in the picture from my front yard (above). I hesitate to use a picture with dirty snow, but I want to show it as it is.

I would love to get a straight on picture of my backyard piece, but the snow on my back deck, where I could normally get a good picture, is 2-3 feet deep, so I had to settle for another diagonal view. I assume we'll have snow on the ground for at least a month more, so my next update might also be diagonal.

I've been documenting both pieces as they live in the elements. You can follow past updates here on my blog, and travel back in time. The most descriptive pictures, from last May to now, are on my website.