Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back Yard Installation Undressed

Yesterday was an incredibly warm day for March, and I took the opportunity to cut the remains from last year's clematis off of my back yard installation. It'll promote healthy growth for the clematis this year. I also got to access any possible damage from the plant itself on my installation or from the weight of it with or without the extra weight of the snow. The picture above is the front view of the installation, and below is the back.

This is a detail from the top of the piece, and I'm happy to say that there is no dirt or damage after the clematis grew on it for six months, and also none from the weight of it. Phew!

The bottom part of the fabric is loose enough so it can blow in the wind. These two pictures are diagonal views (front and back) as the wind is blowing it. I honestly don't remember if I purposely left it loose or if it stretched a little. I'll have to check older pictures. Either way, it has no problem standing up to high winds, which we also had yesterday.

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