Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

The leaves on the maple tree, that have been shading my front yard installation, have fallen off the tree and now this piece will be exposed to full (fall and winter) sunlight until next spring when the leaves come back out again. First the leaves around it were a beautiful yellow, and now brown. I have loved looking at the color of them on the ground around it, but shortly the leaves will be taken away and we will once again see the plantings and dirt below it.

The flowers have fallen off of the fall clematis that has been growing on the piece in my back yard. Every spring I cut the clematis back to the ground, and I've been thinking of cutting the whole plant back for the winter so I can see the whole installation. Maybe I'll wait to do it in another week or so, or maybe I'll leave it as is. As I was writing this post, I did check what last year's installation looked like with the clematis growing on it all winter, and the plant really died back, so I might still get a good view of it over the winter if I decide not to cut it back.

You can see more pictures of both installations on my website.