Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Preparing of My New Studio Space

I painted the second coat on the walls of my new studio yesterday. I unfortunately did not have enough paint in the gallon I was bought, so I had to buy a second gallon because the hardware store did not have any quarts. I didn't even need a quart of extra paint, and now I have almost a full gallon. Bummer.

The space is now satisfactorily painted, and my next step is to get some tables, chairs, and shelves in there ASAP. Also homasote and grids hung on the walls, so I can hang art work up without making more holes in the newly painted white paneled walls.

While this studio lacks square footage, it's positive features are that it's two miles from home, it has both natural and artificial light which is really good (especially compared to my in-home studio), it's in downtown Natick, MA with easy access to a real hardware store, the post office, and various places to pick up a sandwich and ice cream (my favorite food).

Parking isn't going to be an issue for me because I was able to buy a town parking pass, so I can park in various town designated parking lots/spaces. The alternative was trying to remember to feed a parking meter and avoid parking tickets if I forgot.

I'm looking forward to getting to work making art as soon as possible.