Sunday, August 22, 2010

Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

My front and back yard installations have been outside for three months now, and I'm very happy about how they are doing.

Shown above is the piece in my back yard, with my fall blooming clematis growing on it. It's going to be really beautiful when the white fragrant flowers open in a month or less. I have a similar fall blooming clematis growing in my side yard that's starting to bloom, so I know the one in my backyard will bloom shortly thereafter.

The picture above is of the piece in my front yard. This one is pretty much protected during the summer because it's living under my maple tree. It was subjected to a lot of road dirt and dust in the past month. The gas company spent three weeks replacing the natural gas line on my street and they were digging and filling and digging and doing more filling, and driving up and down the street moving dirt and sand around. My car was coated with dirt so there's no doubt that this piece has been subjected to it too.

Last year I had two quilted works in my yard. Between the fact that we had an incredibly rainy summer, and that they were like sponges, they got pretty mildewy.

This year both pieces are mixed media on one large piece of fabric that is coated with clear acrylic matt medium so it is it protected from the elements. This summer there has been a drought so I'll have to wait for wetter weather to see how they do in very wet conditions over a long period of time, but I don't expect any problems.