Monday, August 9, 2010

Inspirational Building

While out for a drive a week ago, looking to see what's new in terms of construction projects in Natick Massachusetts (where I live), we came across this huge building with evidence of many more to be built on the site shortly.

Until the end of 2009, I was working on my Orange Construction Fence Series, which was a combination of monoprinted, painted and quilted fabric. A lot of my inspiration was from construction projects. As the series was winding down I was combining the grids of the construction fences with the textures and repeats of buildings. This work is now archived on my website.

I am still monoprinting and painting fabric, but almost all of it is now mounted on cradled boards, and I haven't been using construction projects as inspiration (yet), mainly because I'm working in a much smaller size.

Seeing that it's August, and that I need to work on my 12 x 12 x 12 monthly series ASAP, I think I may try to use the building above as my inspiration. While I work on it, I'll think about how I may also use it as inspiration for a new series on board.