Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holes in the Fences series - green piece in progress

I'm totally out of my comfort zone working on my new "Holes in the Fences" series, but I'm having fun and I'm also learning some new things.

I am applying fabric "holes" that were left over from my Weathered Fences series, to 24" x 18" cradled boards, to create abstractions of construction fences and their holes.

I decided to make Photoshop "sketches" to help me make decisions about my options as I worked on my first piece, that has a green background.

These are sketches I made when the fabric holes were applied to the board, before doing any painting besides the green background.

These are sketches I made while doing additional painting, to help me decide what to do next. Some of these sketches I followed through with, and others I decided not to.

Playing with the painting in Photoshop was extremely helpful for this piece, and I may do it for the five more I am creating.