Sunday, June 13, 2010

Image Advice After Jurying a Show

I juried an art quilt show with another artist this past week. It was my second time jurying a show, and I will be jurying a third later this summer.

It's a really interesting experience being a juror instead of an entrant. I'll gather my thoughts about it for a possible post after I jury the next show, but I did want to post about image quality now.

Here are some words of advice:

- Don't submit blurry pictures.

- If your art is square or rectangle, do your very best to make sure it appears that way, or as close as possible, in the picture. When the image is presented as a trapezoid, it's hard for the juror to know if it's really a square or a rectangle, or if it is in fact a trapezoid.

- Shoot your images on a blank wall, not in front of a window, or on a patterned wall, or in a room with furniture, that might be confused as part of the art.

- Try to have your color to be as accurate as possible.

- Washed out photos should be avoided.

- If you can afford to get professional photographs of your work, do.