Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Portfolio Reviews

I participated in more portfolio reviews yesterday. This time they were sponsored by an art marketing class I took two years ago. When I did them on May 2nd, they were through a different organization.

This time, my portfolio reviewers consisted of one college gallery director, one in-house corporate art consultant, and one art consultant who works for a company that places art in businesses and other institutions. When I registered, I specifically asked to meet with the two art consultants because I wanted more info about what they may be looking for. Meeting with them was research for me, because I was already planning on sending my portfolio to a group of art consultants ASAP.

Like my portfolio review two weeks ago, once again I brought nine pieces of new work with me. Seven are mounted on boards (one of my Slivers of Fences series, two of my Patterns in Fences series, two from Traces of Past Fences, and two Fence Details), and two pieces created with stiffened fabric (one Weathered Fences series and one Walls from Fences series). I wanted to show larger and smaller work in slightly different mediums. And, I also brought my portfolio which I presented on an ipad.

The reviewers got to touch the Weathered Fences piece, look through the holes, and see that they're two sided. Two were really interested in them shown on the wall with shadows. One reviewer talked about possibly exhibiting them behind plexiglass to protect them from being touched. It didn't seem to be a problem that they are large and the plexi would add to the cost.

We discussed my possibly making smaller Walls from Fences pieces that could framed or mounted behind glass. The piece I brought is 46" x 24", and I think half or a quarter of the size would work very well presented that way.

They really responded nicely to my work on boards. I was told that my work is mature and that my craftsmanship was excellent, which was a nice compliment. I was glad that the texture and line from the stitching on these pieces was appreciated. One art consultant was interested in showing her clients a grouping of my 10" square Patterns in Fences series, and she especially loved the 18" square size of my Slivers of Fences series. She said 18"+ was a good corporate size for her clients, and that I should make more work on boards that are 18" or even slightly larger.

Besides showing actual work, I also showed them my portfolio via my ipad. It's easy to use and look at because the images are crystal clear, and it's really easy to flip from page to page at your convenience just by moving your finger across the screen. This time I added installation shots of my work mounted on boards, showing them in groups on exhibit, to show how they look on the wall. That went over very well. I didn't have these shots two weeks ago, and was asked to see them a few times, so I did update my portfolio for this review. I'm glad I did.

I also showed pictures of my installation in the Studios Without Walls show (that's on exhibit now), pictures of the new installation in my back yard. One reviewer was very interested in the work installed outside on the tree (more 3D), and one was more interested in the flat piece in my back yard, which is more screen-like (or 2D).

Both art consultants asked about how my work will age over time, in terms of fading or falling apart. The paints I use are acrylic based and don't fade, and the printed/painted/stitched fabric is attached to the boards with matt medium which is archival, so there's no worry about them in the future.

My next step is to send each of my reviewers a thank-you note, and to send my portfolio to all three, one of whom wanted materials immediately so I'll be emailing that to her later today.