Friday, May 28, 2010

Email Frustration

Unlike not so long ago, when we used to send slides or CDs via mail, to apply for shows, send PR and etc, there is now no norm. Sometimes CDs are requested, sometimes online applications, and sometimes via email.

I have recently applied to three calls for art via email. All three asked for images, and sometimes Word docs, to be sent to specific email addresses, which is causing me frustration. Here's why...

Case #1: I sent my email expressing my interest in being in an invitational show, and included images and my artist's statement. After not hearing back for six weeks, I emailed the person again for confirmation that they got my email and the reply was "What email?" Fortunately the timing of my follow-up was good and I was able to talk to the person via phone and everything worked out well.

Case #2: I sent my application for a call for art to the designated email address, via five emails, a week before the deadline. Email #1 had one image and three Word docs with my artist's statement, resume and image list attached. Emails #2-5 had one image per email.

It was not until another art friend mentioned that she applied to this show, and that she got confirmation of her entry, that I got concerned that my entry was not received. Yesterday, a week after the deadline, I did some google searching to find an appropriate person to ask about my application (because none was provided in the show info). I finally got in touch with someone who was able to send a note to the person in charge, and she wrote to say she never got my application. (It was interesting that I got her emails but she never got mine.) Even though it was a week past the deadline, she said that I could resend it, which I did.

A few hours later, and after calling the first person I spoke to again, I found out my second batch of emails were received not by the person in charge. Luckily, my phone number was given to her, and she called me last night and we troubleshooted the problem. My third try was to I sent her my app via my gmail account instead of my regular email, to three different email addresses, and she did receive it on one. Phew.

Case #3: I sent my application. which consisted of three images and some text, via email, and I paid the fee via paypal. I got a paypal confirmation, but have not received a confirmation from the gallery (yet). I did resend my app last night via my gmail account, just in case, but I don't have a lot of confidence that it was received.

Question to anyone reading this, are you having the problems with email applications? I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments. If you feel so inclined, please write to me at

Thanks, Jeanne