Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Work - Weathered Fences #4 - #6

Here are three more in my Weathered Fence Series, this time mainly in orange, like most construction fences are. Today I am going to install Weathered Fences #4 - #6 as an outdoor sculpture, in and around two trees, for the Studios Without Walls show.

The Weathered Fences pieces are mixed media on stiffened fabric, measure 48" x 35" each, and were created in 2010. Since viewers will be able to walk around the trees/sculpture, each piece can be seen from both the front and the back side.

The front side of Weathered Fence Series #4 is at the top of this post, and the back side is below.

Weathered Fence Series #5, front side above, back side below.

Weathered Fence Series #6, front side above, back side below.

All six of the Weathered Fences pieces can be exhibited on the wall or as an installation. In a previous show, I had Weathered Fence #1 exhibited on the wall, and #2 and #3 as an indoor installation that hung with rope. I'm very excited to be exhibiting #4-6 in my first sculpture show, which also happens to be outside. It'll be interesting to see how they weather over the six weeks.

Studio Without Walls is on exhibit along the Muddy River, in Riverway Park, between the Longwood T stop and Park Drive, Brookline, MA, from May 1 - June 13, 2010.

I'll post pictures of these pieces again, after they're installed outside.