Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Weathered Fences in the Works

I've been working on two to three new Weathered Fences that will be orange, grey, black and white. The first three Weathered Fences are red, grey, black and white, and are currently in an indoor installation at the Walls and Webs show.

The new pieces will be on exhibit at the Studios Without Walls, which is group of temporary site specific art installations along the Muddy River, in Riverway Park, between the Longwood T stop and Park Drive, in Brookline, MA. The show will be on exhibit from May 1 - June 13, 2010, so I have a fair amount of work to do between before they're being installed at the end of April.

I decided to make them orange, like the color of actual construction fences, because I'd like them to look similar from a distance, yet different up close, from actual construction fences.

The reason there's a photo of three trees with question marks at the top of this post is my installation is going to be in and around two of these three trees. The middle tree was removed after I took the picture because it was diseased. I have a number of ideas about how to install my work, but haven't settled on one idea. I'll post more soon, including pictures of the two to three new Weathered Fences before they're installed.